Unless cited otherwise, all content on this website is copyright © 2009 Johnny Tran. In the case of visitor content such as comments, the original author retains copyfright for that content.


I publish content on this website because: (1) I enjoy making it, and (2) publishing it will allow others to enjoy it too. However, in a litigious society, it is necessary for me to spell out the legal conditions under which I release my work.

All non-software contents on this website, such as images, text, and multimedia, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License unless stated otherwise. What I publish on my website represents my own views and opinions, and it is important to me that its integrity remains intact, so that I do not end up being misquoted or misrepresented. Therefore, if you wish to distribute portions of my website, such as images or weblog posts, I ask that you distribute them verbatim, without modifications (but note that, as I will clarify later on, I am open to exceptions).

All software-related content, such as applications or code snippets, that I publish on this website are licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3, unless stated otherwise. This ensures that I can always work on my own software projects, and that the community can always benefit from them.

Note that I am open to exceptions if you ask for permission first. For instance, if you want to publish one of my images that you have modified, include one of my software projects in a proprietary application, or even include one of my software projects in an application under a more permissive license, great! I am open to all reasonable requests, but again, please contact me first.

Fair Use

None of the above is designed to limit your legal fair use rights. Also remember that you do not need to ask for my permission if you do not intend to distribute any of my works, so feel free to use and modify them for your personal use.


When in doubt, contact me.