A Speck of Asymmetry

Welcome to Break Symmetry, the personal website and weblog of Johnny Tran. You will find musings, rants, photographs, writings, computer-readable writings, and maybe, just occasionally, a glimpse of meaning. And purpose. And beauty.

In other words: Here be dragons. Philosophical dragons.

Why Break Symmetry? Quite simply, because we exist. And because, one could argue, we probably shouldn’t exist. We are an infinitesimal probability in an infinite universe full of nothing and devoid of anything. But nevertheless, we do exist—the symmetry of the universe has shattered into billions of brilliant stars shining against a backdrop of eternal black: us.

We are a speck of asymmetry in a sea of infinity.

And if our fate is to shine like suns in the darkness, only to one day return to it, then at least let us shine brightly! Let what happens in between, however insignificant, be what defines us. Let us create something from the nothingness, and meaning from the meaningless.

Let us defy the darkness.

Let us break the celestial symmetry.